The Vibrato poster series challenged students to use experimental typography in order to create interest around a hypothetical event. In this case, an event featuring three opera singers (Andrea Bocelli, Fariuz, and Marian Anderson)
Breaking Through
Each of these artists had one thing in common. They "broke through" struggles or prejudices in order to become the superstars the world knows them as today. Fairuz emerged in a time of war in her home country of Lebanon, Marian Anderson persevered through discrimination and racism, and Andrea Bocelli pushed through the assumption that being blind could limit him from reaching his dreams.
Word Play
playing with cutting, folding, bending, and scanning.
Hand Sketches
Digital Iterations
I used a combination of free play, type as line, and repetition to create the illusion of “breaking through.” The first names of each singer are brought into photoshop from folded pieces of type and rotated to create each composition. Behind them, is the repeated phrase “breaking through,” created in the computer with type and line. I brought in the informational type and composed it in a way that created hierarchy, but also utilized negative space.
Final Mockup

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